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Wall coverings


Our wall covering specialists at McKinney Painting are dedicated to providing quality wall covering installation for your project.  We maintain a large library of wall covering samples and can assist in the selection of wall covering for your project.  We have also installed acoustical panels and WallTalker white boards on many projects.  .

Protective/ Industrial


McKinney Painting works with the best suppliers to provide coatings for every application.  Whether our clients need heat resistance, corrosion resistance, or any other special need, our industrial teams are equipped with the knowledge and products to ensure that our coatings do not fail in the harshest conditions.

Commercial Finishes


McKinney Painting has developed long standing relationships with the top suppliers of interior and exterior products.  This enables us to provide a wide variety of choices at a very competitive price for our customers to choose from.  Our professionals have access to any choice of product that our customer needs and can apply it quickly and correctly.

McKinney Painting's Comprehensive knowledge of various coatings allows accurate estimating, for even the largest jobs, eliminating costly delays once the project is underway.  We specialize and are certified in multi-spec, waterproofing, caulking/sealants, wall covering, commercial painting, fluid applied floor systems, industrial painting, sandblasting, and protective coatings such as water treatment and containment coating installations.  Assistance can be provided in value engineering the proper coating for your facilities, and achieve a cost-effective, long lasting application.

Floor Coatings


McKinney Painting offers a wide range of floor coating systems for an unbeatable selection of performance and appearance.  We work with our suppliers to stay up to date on the most advanced products for a lasting finish for your project.

Sand Blasting


At McKinney Painting, surface preparations are key to a well done job.  From mobilization of equipment, to choosing the right sand for your job, our sand blasting crews are experienced in correctly prepping any surface for our coating to properly adhere to.

Water Proofing


At McKinney Painting we utilize sealants and marine coatings to ensure that our clients projects stay watertight for years to come.  No matter what the surface our dedicated crews are experienced in making sure our customers surfaces are protected from all water damage.

Electrostatic Spraying


At McKinney Painting we are committed to the future by staying up to date with the latest technologies in our field.  Our electrostatic spray teams use charged particles to more efficiently paint a work space.  This ensures when a project with difficult logistics arises, we can ensure a solid even coat for our customers.

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