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When Jeff McKinney began painting restaurants in 1977, he learned the value of completing the job on schedule, within budget.  Today, the experienced management team at McKinney Painting follows the same basic, service-oriented philosophy with safety as a number one priority.
Headquartered in Versailles, Kentucky, the management at McKinney Painting works closely with a crew of over 40 multi-skilled painters on a wide range of projects for restaurants, horse farms, health care, churches, manufacturing facilities, waste and water treatment plants, hotels,  shopping malls and more.
In June of 2014, McKinney Painting opened its first satellite office in Sellersburg, IN.  With the addition of this office McKinney Painting is better able to reach more customers in a larger region.
Pamela McKinney 



Pam McKinney took over McKinney Painting as Owner and CEO when her husband Jeff, the founder of McKinney Painting, passed away in 2001.  She manages human resources, obtaining insurance, and certified payroll reports as well as helping in the office.  

Jon Roberts

Commercial Estimating & Project Management

Jon Roberts started with McKinney Painting almost 30 years ago as a field painter.  He quickly became a foreman, then a project manager overseeing many of our projects.  Jon was promoted to President of McKinney Painting in 2002 and manages most of our commercial projects.  He also bids many of our commercial jobs, manages the painters in the field, schedules the work to be done, and meets with customers.  

Matt Gamlin
Vice President

Industrial Estimating & Project Management

Kyle McKinney
Commercial Estimating

Matt Gamlin has been with McKinney Painting since 1989.  Matt started as a painter in the field and worked on many industrial projects.  He began learning how to bid water treatment plants and was promoted to Vice President of McKinney Painting in 2002.  Matt manages all of our industrial work as well as some commercial projects.  He also bids all of the water, waste water, pump stations, and other industrial projects we do.  In 2014, McKinney Painting opened a second office in Indiana which Matt works out of 3 days a week.  

Wayne Moore 
Commercial Estimating
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